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What is trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis (or ‘trich’ for short) is caused by a parasite, which mainly affects the vagina in women and the urethra of men. Trich is usually transmitted by vaginal sex without a condom, with someone who has the infection. Transmission from woman to woman is also common – possibly by transferring vaginal discharge on hands or sex toys.

How would you know if you had trich?

Most women have no symptoms although some women may notice a frothy, yellowish vaginal discharge and/or a change in their vaginal odour. Symptoms in men are rare.

Are there any complications of trich?

Though the symptoms may become more severe, there are no serious complications of trich.

How do you test for trich?

A swab is collected from the vaginal or urethral discharge.

What is the treatment for trich?

Taking a single dose of antibiotics easily and reliably cure trich.


Do sexual partners need treatment?

Though partners usually have no symptoms, they should be informed so they can be offered testing and treatment if required. Sexual contact should be avoided during treatment to avoid re-infection.

How can you protect yourself from trich?

Use of condoms effectively prevents trich. Sex toys should be cleaned after use and before being used on a different person

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