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Pearly Papules

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Sensitive content

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I'm a 20 year old uncircumcised virgin and haven't performed any form of sexual practices with anyone. on the base of the head of my penis I have what can only be described as "little pieces of skin" (spikes/microvilli type of look is the only way I can describe it ) each of them less than a mm in length (they are right around the base no more than a hundred if I had to guess). Ive had them ever since i can remember.

I'm pretty sure its not an STD on the account of my abstinence. The reason for my sudden concern is that I've been dating someone for a while now and its come to that point now, where she wants to "please me" a little more. she is more experienced with these sorts of things and I'm worried as to what her reactions will be towards this condition. I'm also too embarrassed to consult my family doctor as i know him on a personal basis as well. if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. if you could please advise me as to what this condition is and where it can be corrected it would be really appreciated.


Pearly papules are NOT contagious, but are hereditary and occur naturally. They are skin tags, nearly all the same size, that sometimes appear on a man's penis. Pearly papules are normal glands and for congenital reasons they stand out more than others. They sit in nice regular lines that remain the same over time and are always found around the head of the penis or the lips of the vagina.

Do not confuse Pearly Papules with warts, they are normal variations of the genitals.

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