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Seven weeks to better sex program for Vaginismus

Thank you for enquiring about our clinic for treatment of Vaginismus / Dyspareunia / Vulvodynia. Since 1998 we have treated couples, committed to working together on their sexual relationship. We offer no “magic cures”.

We direct our energy and knowledge to assist you with clarification identify behavioural patterns blocking your comfortable functioning and suggest ways you may use at home to resolve your difficulties.

It requires time and effort from both of you, as well as from all of us who work with you. We know from follow – up, that couples may continue to grow in their relationship long after they have left the 7 – week clinic, but they may also slip back into the old problems.

We offer 7 weekly sessions of 2-hour duration. You will be seen together as a couple by a therapist team. The therapists are from different disciplines, with Dr Elna McIntosh being a clinical Sexologist and the physiotherapist.

Should you invite us into your lives, you deserve optimal care. There is a complete Sexological exam for each partner in week 1, unless you have been seen by your own Gynaecologist or Urologist for any other Sexual Dysfunction condition.

The questionnaires we give you are to reflect on self, partner and marriage (relationship). Our intensive relationship counselling strives to enhance communication.

Educative materials are viewed at home and you will receive your own set of 5 videos, from the “Sex a Life Long Pleasure” series.

Physiotherapy focuses on the physiological and fundamental side of sexual problems. It encourages the development of awareness in the muscles of the pelvic floor allowing you to gain control of your body and it's response stimuli.

Our treatment is privately as a couple, with your therapist team. Change between a couple may be difficult, but we know that it is possible if you cooperate at home as suggested. We’ll do our best and ask you to do the same.

There is a waiting list of up to 6 weeks, depending on where other couples are in their therapeutic sessions, at present.

So maximum wait to start will be between 1 – 6 weeks. Total cost of the program is R7, 500-00 for the full 7 weeks. Your final decision to attend is an obligation for the entire seven weeks attendance.

Blood tests, Pap smears, etc. are always extra if needed.

If you have further questions, please call Mary (011) 787 – 1222 between 09h00 – 17h00.

Elna McIntosh, PhD, M.P.H.
Director, DISA Sexual Dysfunction Clinic


Altered version of Domeena Renshaw, MD director, Loyola sex therapy clinic. by Dr. Elna McIntosh


This may be the first step to being sexually more fulfilled and to have better more intimate relationship with your partner than ever before!!

What to expect?

  1. An assessment session 90 min. (R1,250.00 )

  2. Couples therapy x 7 sessions (R9,000.00 )

This program will stretch over a period of 7 weeks. It is necessary to keep to the program and to attend to the weekly sessions.

The approach of therapy: A humanistic-Gestalt approach will be followed in this program.

  • The assessment/therapeutic sessions

  • The manual that covers the seven week program.

  • The Erotic Massage manual and DVDs.

Part 1: Harmony - This video treats Sexual Incompatibility It examines lack of sexual desire, shows how the body is a source of sexual pleasure and looks at the Female Orgasm and how sexual positions can improve pleasure.

Part 2: Male Orgasm - Treatment of Premature Ejaculation. This video examines the causes of Premature Ejaculation; it also looks at sensual and genital massage and other ways to delay orgasm. It also examines how positions can help ejaculation control.

Part 3: Female Orgasm - This video examines the Female Orgasm in depth, exploring erotic fantasies, methods of increasing sexual arousal, masturbation and orgasm and how the partner can participate.

Part 4: The Erection - Treatment of Impotence. This video examines performance anxiety, how sensual and genital massage can assist; different positions which also can improve the erection. It also takes a look at soft penis inter-course.

Part 5: Sexual enjoyment - Sexual Exploration between couples examines the elements of desire, arousal, orgasm and after play. This includes visual elements such as pornography and adult videos, teasing and tantalizing your partner. Orgasms may also include the use of sex aids, toys, lubrication. Oral sex, kissing, sex lessons and "after glow" techniques are included.

It is important that both partners are committed to the program and that they keep to their appointments.

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